Thursday, February 4, 2010

PMSing versus PMSing

Now here's a thing - Never and I repeat never have two PMSing women under one roof, because trust me..tempers are gonna fly. Case in point..yesterday evening, location - my house in Mumbai that I share with two of my childhood friends. Now as has been established by my previous posts, I quit my job and No, I haven't found another one as yet. So the lease on this house expires this month, and since there is no certainty where my job is concerned, we are not in a position to extend it. And therefore, the whole house hunting drill. But my friends didn't want to be left behind in adding to the existing chaos. Hence, one of them is having her office shifted from Lower Parel to Powai (She actually didn't have a hand in this, her company has decided to relocate). But it might happen in two weeks or two years!!! And this other friend of mine, she has to appear for her final exams for CA and she might just be quitting and going back home for exams. So yes! Everything is chaotically chaotic.

Now coming back to yesterday evening, one of my friends wanted to discuss as to what to do about the whole housing pandemonium. But I was really really engrossed watching this movie. It was a really interesting one with the right amount of humour, action, drama and suspense. How difficult are those to come by on TV these days..huh? But my friend was unrelenting. She persisted and so did I and finally she stepped in front of the TV and switched it off!! Now I am not somebody who gets all red too soon. Even if I am feeling angry with somebody, I can do a pretty good job of not showing it and settle with talking it out. But since it was 'that time of the month' (couldn't resist using the cliche), I TOTALLY lost it and went into a full frontal attack. My friend retorted with matched fervor, courtesy 'that time of the month' for her too. That only served to heighten my verbal diatribe. I went on to say things like "Why are you trying to control my life?It is seriously annoying..". We women can be really dramatic :). Anyways, this really got to my friend and so she turned around, went to the other room and started pretending to do something.

Five minutes later...

'What the hell just happened?' is what I am wondering. I didn't want to say such mean things to my friend who is understandably angry and upset. She is only talking to our other friend. My anger has not cooled off completely either but just enough to make me try and butt into their conversation. Because I certainly do not want to be on 'non-talking terms' with my friend. Well the 'butt in' strategy works and soon my friend and I are talking like nothing happened. And finally AALL IZZ WELL!


  1. thank god we men dont have PMS or menses fr tht matter!
    it would get real difficult to handle both.....PMS and women :p

  2. nt to mention tht i wud freak out watchng blood cm out my weaner........seriously kinda freaky

  3. No... it's okay. Men are difficult enough to handle without all that. :P